22nd May 1971 to 11th September 1971 Edit

Written by Unknown

Drawn by Alberto Giolitti

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Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea issues

Started 22nd May 1971 - No.20, (Top Left) replacing Redgauntlet.

Ended 11th September 1971 - No.36, (Top Right) replaced by The Flaxton Boys.

"Revenge Is A Dish..."

22/05/71 - No.20 to 10/07/71 - No.27

Eccentric hunter Sir Ellery Barrett was branded a coward by Harriman Nelson while on safari three years ago, but now wants to take his revenge on the Admiral and 'Seaview'...

(Abridged from issue 5 of the Gold Key Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' comic)

"The Decoy"

14/08/71 - No.32 to 11/09/71 - No.36

Via a river from the sea, 'Seaview' investigates a fake mechanical sea monster at Ktimba Lake, and becomes trapped when its route is deliberately blocked. It is all part of a plan by a crime organisation to prevent 'Seaview' escorting a freighter carrying a hundred million dollars of art for the World's Fair, using their own replica of the sub to steal the shipment...

(Abridged from issue 6 of the Gold Key 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' comic)

(Titles are made up)

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