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The Worlds Of Gerry Anderson title

8th January 1977 - No.2 Edit

replacing Nothing (new feature)

to 4th June 1979 - No.23 Edit

replaced by Unknown

The name of Gerry Anderson is nothing new to comics, his series were appearing in comics long before Look-in was even an idea. Comics like 'TV21', 'Joe 90: Top Secret', 'TV Action' and 'Countdown', were hosts to his series for a while before our favourite comic came into being. It was natural then, that at some point Look-in would have an Anderson series, and Space: 1999 fulfilled that in 1975. A short while later when 1999 was well into it's stride, it was decided to add a feature too. Dedicated to Gerry and his work, 'The Worlds Of Gerry Anderson' was the result.

Readers were invited to write in and ask Gerry anything they wanted to know, about his life and his work. Things like what he did before 'Supermarionation', and about special effects and ways of creating and achieving certain shots, about the models and puppets. The page was also adorned with photos, describing or showing the series/models in question. Obviously '1999' was a popular subject, being his current series, but other series were discussed too. It is assumed that Gerry answered all the questions, although the answers could probably have been researched, nonetheless his signature appeared in the column, giving it a personal touch.

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The Worlds Of Gerry Anderson items

Also included on the same page as the feature was Starcruiser'. Based on an idea by Gerry, it was originally meant to be a series, but was rejected. The craft in question was a deep space vehicle, piloted by David Starr and Venus Brown, but the strip rather than being adventures as such, was more of a science information thing, showing what Starcruiser discovers, and giving information about it, I suppose an effort to make learning about space a bit more fun. Starcruiser was written and drawn by David Jeffris.

The worlds of Gerry Anderson finished on 8th April 1978, Starcruiser continued on until 4th June 1979.

I really enjoyed the Gerry feature, very informative, a lot of good information for his fans, the Starcruiser strip became tedious though, not enough to get your teeth into each week.

Full The Worlds Of Gerry Anderson Feature

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