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The Six Million Dollar Man title

One of the longest running strips in the comics history, The Six Million Dollar Man was also based on one of the most popular programmes in the seventies. Centred around the exploits of Steve Austin, an astronaut who, whilst on re-entry from a space shot, crashes and barely survives. He is taken to a government facility, and his shattered body is given a host of replacement 'Bionic' parts, (Two legs, an arm and an eye) enabling him to to have speed, super strength and super vision. He becomes government property and is sent on a host of missions for the OSI (Office of Strategic Investigations), but strangely in Look-in it was always the OSO (Office of Strategic Operations), headed by Oscar Goldman. The strips in comparison to the series were very different. A lot of them were quite unbelievable plotlines, with characters that were so off the planet it was quite funny sometimes. The most memorable character has to be Laszlo Cernatz, 'The Toymaker', who with his host of deadly toys set out to take over the children of the world to do his bidding. So popular was the character he made a second appearance a while later.

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The Six Million Dollar Man artwork

The Bionic theme was a popular one in Look-in during the 70's, The Six Million Dollar Man was later joined by The Bionic Woman, and who can forget the free Bionic Eye, and of course the exclusive The Six Million Dollar Man T-shirt, which you could buy for the princely sum of 99p!

The strip was written by Angus P. Allan and Drawn by Martin Asbury for the whole run. Martin's most famous pre-Look-in work was probably Garth which ran for many years in the Daily Mirror newspaper. Steve appeared later on in the strip Bionic Action, where Steve was teamed up with Jaime Sommers.

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