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9th Jan 1971 - No.1 Edit

replacing Nothing (new feature)

to 30th Oct 1971 - No.43 >> Edit

replaced by Nature Features which appeared sporadically after this, still written by Colin Willock, but no longer having the 'Survival' title.

Survival was ITV's flagship nature program in the 60's and 70's, before David Attenborough became the definitive naturalist and blew it out of the water.

Starting in 1961 as regular series, and lasting nearly 40 years, although towards the latter part of this becoming a sporadic series of 'specials', the programme gave an insight into all sorts of amazing things, that occur in the natural world.

Survival did not have a presenter, it was a series of self-contained films, but is remembered for being narrated by some very famous voices. Big names like Orson Welles, Anthony Valentine, Richard Widmark, Robert Powell amongst others, all voiced episodes.

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Survival images

The feature started in the opening issue, 10 years after the series debuted, it was written by a resident naturalist, called Colin Willock, who was incidentally, the creator of Survival.

Each week a different subject was shown, sometimes just the life of a particular animal or species, but other environmental issues were discussed too. The feature was always accompanied by stunning photography, mirroring the amazing stuff that appeared in the series.

The Survival feature ended in name in late 71, although nature features appeared intermittently after that, still written by Colin.

Full Survival Feature

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