Lookin stewpot

Stewpot's Newsdesk title

2nd March 1974 Edit

replacing Stewpot's Look-out

to 11th April 1981 Edit

replaced by Look Around

As with most comics Look-in always had a letters page, starting from the beginning it was called 'Your View' and was a typical mix of letters, drawings, jokes and views from Look-in's readers. in 1972 Ed Stewart (a.k.a. Stewpot), a radio DJ, who was starting to make a name for himself in TV too, joined Look-in as the masthead of the letter's page, starting out as Stewpot's Look-Out (below),

Lookin lookout

Stewpot's Look-out title

This is from where 'John's Look-out' pinched it's name! It continued in a similar vein, with Stewpot's own comments after every letter. During the year Look-out edged in more and more editorial stuff, like new records and books that were released, and generally keeping kids up too date with any new happenings that might of been of interest. Late in 1973, the page went double and changed to the more familiar title of 'Stewpot's Newsdesk'. As well as the more familiar things which were now titled, 'Bookshelf' (New Books), 'Album Spot' (New Albums) etc., over the years a whole host of fun things were added, things like, 'Pen-Pals', 'Look-Alike', 'Namesake', and others.

Lookin mon1

Newsdesk features 1

Lookin mon2

Newsdesk features 2

The feature became a mainstay of Look-in throughout the 70's until 1981 when Stewpot decided to bid a fond farewell to Look-in. He was replaced by a section called 'Look Around', with some similar and some new items, but no one heading the page. It was the beginning of the end for me, and when the painted covers and familiar logo were taken away too a little later, I found it hard to stay with what had been my favourite comic for the last 10 years, and stopped reading it a year or so later. Stewpot became a firm favourite with Look-in readers and was definitely one of the reasons for it's popularity.

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