Lookin tomm1

The Tomorrow People 1st title

1973: The first four Homo-superiors left to right, Kenny (Stephen Salmon), Stephen Jameson (Peter Vaughn-Clarke), Carol (Sammie Winmill) and John, the TP's unofficial leader (Nicholas Young). Incidentally the voice of TIM was played by the late Phillip Gilbert.

Lookin tomm2

The Tomorrow People 1st title

1974: Kenny and Carol depart to live on the Galactic Trig for a while, and in comes schoolteacher, Elizabeth Umnondo (Elizabeth Adare, centre).

Lookin tomm3

The Tomorrow People 1st title

1975: The three are Joined by Tyso Boswell, the gypsy boy (Dean Lawrence, far right).

Lookin tomm4

The Tomorrow People 1st title

1976: Four became five, in came Mike Bell (Mike Holoway, centre), who led a double life as the drummer of pop band Flintlock.

Lookin tomm5

The Tomorrow People 1st title

1977: back down to three when Stephen and Tyso leave the group.

Other TPs who didn't make it into Look-in: Hsui Tai (Masako Koba), although she did appear in a strip in one of the annuals, and Andrew (Nigel Rhodes).

The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People Chronology

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