1938 - ?

John M. Burns started as an illustrator for Junior Express and School Friend, before he eventually found his way to TV21, he also worked on Lady Penelope drawing Space Family Robinson on Look-in as a strip artist between 1973 and 1983. During this time he also moonlighted as an artist for newspaper strips, drawing amongst others Modesty Blaise.

He was soon asked to work with Alan Fennell on Look-in, but in the early 70's he also worked on the title strip for Countdown comic.

He later went on to work for 2000ad, where he has become even more famous as one of the artists who drew Judge Dredd, although he has said that he disliked drawing science fiction, and hated drawing Dredd.

He has recently been working on an adaption of Jane Eyre for Classical Comics.

Strips Drawn Edit

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