31st March 1979 to 6th October 1979 Edit

Written by Angus P. Allan

Drawn by Alan Parry

Lookin dickissues

Dick Turpin issues

Started 31st March 1979 - No.14, (Top Left) replacing The Six Million Dollar Man.

Ended 6th October 1979 - No.41, (Top Right) replaced by Sapphire And Steel (1st Run).

"The Deserter"

31/3/79 - No.14 to 26/5/79 - No.22

When an army deserter is captured by Spiker, he agrees to help set a trap to catch Dick, in return for his life.

"Duval's Ghost"

2/6/79 - No.23 to 7/7/79 - No.28

When Sir John Glutton's nephew becomes heavily in debt to him, he forces him to pose as the ghost of a dead highwayman, in an attempt to snare Turpin.

"The Impostor"

14/7/79 - No.29 to 4/8/79 - No.32

When Dick hears that 'Dick Turpin' has been hung, his curiosity gets the better of him. It's a trap of course.

"Buried Treasure"

11/8/79 - No.33 to 29/9/79 - No.40

A friend of Dicks has buried some stash in a field for him, but is killed before he can tell Dick the location. With Sir John planning to test a new prototype plough on the field soon, Dick is in a race against time to find the loot.

"Fool's Gold"

6/10/79 - No.41

Dick hides his stash onboard a coach, to get it past Spiker's men into the town. But before it reaches the town the coach is held up by a rival highwayman.

(All stories in colour)

(Story titles are made up)

8.5 Edit

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