26th May 1979 to 17th November 1979 Edit

Written by Angus P. Allan

Drawn by Ian Gibson (IG), Ron Tiner (RT), John Richardson (JR) and Mike White (MW)

Lookin bactionissues

Bionic Action issues

Started 26th May 1979 - No.22, (Top Left) replacing Worzel Gummidge.

Ended 17th November 1979 - No.47, (Top Right) replaced by Charlie's Angels.

“The Lumberjack Connection”

26/5/79 – No.22 to 28/7/79 – No.31

Steve and Jaime join a logging company to expose the boss of the company, who is doubling as a spy and selling state secrets abroad. (IG - Pts.1 and 2, RT- Pts.3 to 10)

“Cry Freedom”

4/8/79 – No.32 to 15/9/79 – No.38

Undercover as political activists, Steve and Jaime have to rescue an ambassador, who has been taken captive by a rebel ‘Freedom Army’ in the troubled state of El Liberador.


“Back To School”

22/9/79 – No.39 – 17/11/79 – No.47

Steve gets on a plane to London, to act as bodyguard for a young Arab Prince. Steve finds that a man with exactly the same name has a ticket with Steve’s seat number on. The confusion is sorted but later when leaving the airport, Steve witnesses the same man getting shot.

(JR Pts. 1 to 7, MW - Pts. 8 and 9)

(Strip titles are made up)

7.0 Edit

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