22nd July 1936 - 16th July 2007

Angus P. Allan was the chief scriptwriter for Look-in, and he wrote the vast majority of strips during it's run.

He started as a scriptwriter for Amalgamated Press (which later became Fleetway Publications), working on Comet, before national service intervened.

After his tour of duty, he was asked to work on a teen romance magazine called Marty, before becoming freelance. He was spotted by Allan Fennell who asked him to work on TV21. This was the precursor to along friendship with Alan.

It was natural then that he would follow Alan to work with him on Look-in, where he wrote nearly all the scripts for the strips, it is easier to list what he didn't write! During this time he was also scriptwriter on the Daily Mirror's Garth strip.

He stayed with Look-in until 1990 before retiring to France.

Angus died in 2007.

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