29th September 1986 to 6th September 1975 Edit

Written by Unknown

Drawn by Gordon And Maureen Gray (GMG), Barrie Mitchell (BM)

Started 29th September 1986 - No.40, replacing Unknown.

Ended 24th January 1987 - No.5, replaced by Unknown.

"The Train Trackers"

29/09/86 - No.40 to 18/10/86 - No.43

Caitlin is travelling by train back to Santini Air, and bumps into two CIA men escorting Ramon and Elena Martinez, the children of the President of San Pedro. Meanwhile, Santini and Hawke are working out a bi-plane stunt display. Rebels from San Pedro use a small explosive to temporarily stop the train in the mountains, allowing them to board and kidnap the children. Spotting the snatch, Caitlin calls on ‘Airwolf’ as the rebels uncouple the locomotive and make off…

(G&MG) - (Colour)


25/10/86 - No.44 to 06/12/86 - No.50

A week of violent storms and torrential rain has hit the remote mountain region known as ‘Manitou Wilderness’. Hawke has been mobilized in ‘Airwolf’ to clear fallen trees that have dammed up a mountain crater lake, threatening to overspill and flood surrounding towns. Holidaying reporter Kev Conley and his son Joseph spot ‘Airwolf’ in action and photograph it. Hawke tries to bluff with Conley that he is contravening official secrecy, but that makes the reporter even more determined, and photos appear in the papers. Archangel tries a cover story but the news alerts American forces and foreign powers alike, eager to know more about the CIA ‘copter. Conley is kidnapped, by coincidence from the restaurant Hawke, Santini and Caitlin are at, and they take Joseph into protection. The kidnapper is freelance spy Boris Fladjek, and Hawke tracks them in ‘Airwolf’ to a mountain hideaway. Things hot up when American force and Mafia helicopters arrive on the scene…

(G&MG) - (Colour)

"Game On!"

13/12/86 - No.51 to 25/12/86 - No.52

‘Airwolf’ is grounded after the failure of a vital engine-part, as Archangel gets worked up over the disappearance of nuclear physicist Lance Ferrie. Ferrie’s place is not far from Hawke’s so he pays a visit to see if his children, Tim and Jessie, know anything. Instead, they challenge the ‘Airwolf’ pilot to beat them at a computer ‘copter game…

(G&MG) - (Colour)

"The Malaysian Tiger"

27/12/86 - No.1 to 24/01/87 - No.5

Fred Buchanan, an old friend of Santini’s, and his son Charlie are escorting ‘Sultan’, a Malaysian tiger, back to its country in a customized freight plane. But over the mountains where Hawke lives, the engine fuel feeds fail and the plane crashes...

(BM) - (B&W)

(Chronology by Shaqui Le Vesconte)

(Story titles are made up)

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